About Us

The Vocational Rehabilitation Association of Canada (VRA Canada) is the leading national organization representing and advocating for vocational rehabilitation professionals. Our members focus on removing barriers and returning individuals to work, or the best possible outcomes.

Since 1970, VRA Canada members have been the basis for a unique, interdisciplinary profession who offer a broad range of expertise spanning the fields of counselling, psychology and industrial psychology, assessment, rehabilitation, labour relations, and human resources, as well as specific expertise in the field of vocational rehabilitation and disability management.

VRA Canada members maintain the highest standards of professional competency through ongoing education and training. Many demonstrate their professionalism by obtaining designations and certifications that require specific education, workplace experience, and adherence to our code of ethics.

Knowledge and experience, coupled with dignity and compassion, form the foundation upon which our association is built. We promote professional excellence, education, and work for the advancement of the profession and the professionals we represent.

We believe all persons should have the right and opportunity to participate in society, fully and with dignity, and have the opportunity to advance their vocational and life goals.

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