Matt Levy

Director at Large

I am pleased to humbly offer my services to the VRA Canada BOD as a member at large.

I come to the rehab world as an active participant on many levels. I struggle with and am learning to manage chronic depression. As someone on the mental wellness spectrum I feel I have something to offer those dealing with disability, stigma, uncertainty, accommodating and managing medical conditions.

As the son of a personal injury lawyer closely associated with the Mona Rehab centre in Jamaica; rehab and disability awareness were pervasive in our home. My father and mother hosted a terminally ill patient in our home and I had the privilege of being witness to her final days with dignity.

As a father of a son with disabilities I’ve dealt with numerous providers, modalities and therapists in raising and caring for my son. I had the privilege of supporting him in trying to establish work for himself in a small business as well which was a joy.

As a special education assistant and teacher for some years I’ve supported special needs students from kindergarten to high school graduation and job placement.

I qualified with an MA in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling from City University and studied under the incredible Dr. Janet Hart Mott of Mott Rehab in Washington. I now have approximately 24 years in the field: 16 years at WorkSafeBC as a VRC; two at GF Strong Rehab Centre as a VRC; two at BC Paraplegic Association as provincial coordinator of their EPPD program: two years at Waldee Services working with people managing brain injury sequela; and several years at VSB and Whytecliffe Academy as an SEA and teacher.

I particularly enjoy the role of counseling, encouraging and supporting individual clients and employers to a suitable, durable, meaningful and restorative accommodated position and ensuring training is provided that best matches the needs of all parties.

I have had the pleasure of being mentored in the past on the VRA board by the inimitable Alan Kaufman, served on the education committee for two years in the early 2000s and truly appreciate the many learnings and options for growth and mentorship available through the wealth of knowledge in the VRA Canada membership.

I intend to do all I can to serve the VRA membership and BOD with honour and to leave the board stronger than I found it if possible!

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