Fellowship Award


The prestigious Fellowship Award is the highest level of recognition for members of the Association.  It is bestowed upon a member on occasion by the National Board of Directors in recognition of outstanding service and contributions.  Recipients are long-serving individuals who have continually worked for the advancement of the profession, the Association and the membership.  They have served above and beyond expectations.


Fellowship Criteria

In order to be considered for this award, the member must:

  • Be a member in good standing
  • Be a member in excess of 10 years
  • Have provided expertise that has dramatically changed the profession and/or the association and is recognized as an expert and contributor within the VR community and the Association
  • Have contributed to academic excellence, writings, research
  • Have made significant contributions to the evolution of the Association through advocacy, public / government relations, policy, committee work
  • Have demonstrated excellence in their contribution.



  1. Fellowship Awards are presented at the Association’s Annual National Conference.  In order to ensure products are available for presentation at the Conference, nominations must be submitted at least 90 calendar days in advance of the Conference.
  2. Nominations are directed to the Board Designated Representative who ensures all documentation is in order and criteria is met.  Nominations must be submitted on the Fellowship Nomination form (Appendix A) and be accompanied by a letter outlining the candidate’s contribution to the Association, to the profession and to professionals.
  3. Where criteria is not met, the Board Designated Representative notifies those nominating the candidate for clarity and discussion.  A decision is made within 7 calendar days of paper work submission as to whether the candidate should be presented to the Board of Directors.
  4. Nominations meeting criteria are presented and reviewed by the Board of Directors and decisions are made at the next Board meeting.  The Board Designated Representative contacts individuals who have recommended non approved candidates within 7 calendar days to share the results.
  5. The Board Designated Representative also contacts individuals who have recommended approved candidates within 7 calendar days to share the results. The Representative determines if the announcement of the Fellowship Award should be kept confidential for purposes of surprising the candidate at the next annual conference.
  6. Where the presentation of the Award is a surprise, the Board Designated Representative works with the individuals who promoted the recipient to ensure the recipient attends the National Conference.
  7. Where the presentation of the Award is not a surprise, the Board Designated Representative contacts the recipient within 7 calendar days of decision, congratulates them on behalf of the Board of Directors on winning the award and invites them to the next National Conference.  This is followed up with a letter (Appendix B).
  8. The Board Designated Representative arranges for the development and purchase of the award and certificate and ensures they are available for the National Conference.  The wording for the award is found in Appendix C.
  9. The Board Designated Representative ensures the presentation of the award is scheduled within the National Conference agenda at a time when most conference attendees will be present.
  10. The Board Designated Representative ensures the Association President is prepared to give an overview of the Fellowship Award as an introduction to the presentation of the honour. (Appendix D)
  11. The Board Designated Representative ensures that someone familiar with the achievements of the recipient is prepared to present the award.  This can be the President of the Association or a significant other. They should have at least 30 calendar days of notice.
  12. The Board Designated Representative prepares a letter for the President to send to all Association members within 7 calendar days post conference honoring the achievements of the Fellowship Award recipient.


Nomination Form

Click here to download the nomination form.