VRA Canada Professional Designations

VRA Canada members are eligible to apply for several professional designations. Each designation requires the applicant to supply relevant education, work experience, and references.

Completed Application Forms, along with supporting documentation, should be scanned and emailed to the new VRA Canada Office.  Submitting via mail or courier will delay review of the application.

*Please note our mailing address has recently changed:

P.O. Box 370, Renfrew, ON, K7V 4A6

Unit 2, 555 Hall Street, Renfrew ON, K7V 4M7 (for deliveries)

The Registered Rehabilitation Professional (RRP)
The nationally recognized RRP designation is awarded following a review and evaluation of the applicant's university education, employment experience directly related to the rehabilitation field, and references from peers and supervisors.

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The Registered Vocational Professional (RVP)
The RVP designation is a joint VRA Canada/CAVEWAS initiative to recognize those individuals who provide vocational/employment services within the rehabilitation field.

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The Registered Community Support Specialist (RCSS)
The RCSS designation provides a career ladder option for individuals who have successfully completed a relevant university or college education but do not yet have the work experience to qualify for the RRP or RVP designations.

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