February 11, 2022

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March of Dimes- Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist, Assessment & Planning (Full-time) - London

Insight Advantage- Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant

Advance Rehabilitation Management Services Inc.- Rehabilitation Consultant

Agilec- Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants

Simon Fraser University Continuing Studies- Course Instructor/Course Author

Cancer and Work


Cancer and Work http://www.cancerandwork.ca/ is a research-based project made up of a voluntary group of clinicians and researchers working together to improve the lives of individuals with cancer by providing guidance and support with the return to work following cancer. The latest work is the creation, and now the testing of a vocational rehabilitation-led individual iCanWork intervention (Parkinson & Maheu, 2019), to support this process. We are seeking to recruit avocational rehabilitation counsellor to deliver the intervention following training.


In consultation with the Cancer and Work team, the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, and in the context of this research pilot study, will provide vocational and rehabilitation counseling services and apply the iCanWork (Parkinson & Maheu, 2016) intervention with cancer patients. Duties include delivering two to three online sessions with cancer survivor to support return to work.

The focus of the sessions include:

·       applying the iCanWork vocational rehabilitation model which includes assessing the individual’s vocational potential and barriers toreturn to work

·       Assessing psychological, physical function that impact work ability

·       Provide vocational rehabilitation support and identify, refer, and help access treatment and rehabilitation to support vocational rehabilitation and assist in the transition back to work.

·       Assist in liaising with employers to take part in the return to work plans to assist preparing for the cancer survivor imminent return to work

·       Lead the development of the return to work plan and monitoring the survivors progress with return to work.

This research study also includes collaborating with an occupational therapist (OT), whereby the OT will provide one session to assist with assessing work ability and suggest compensatory and job accommodation strategies; and assist in negotiating job accommodations at the workplace.  The candidate will be expected to educate themselves on the iCanWork (Parkinson and Maheu 2019) and provide an evaluation of the application of the model at the end of the research projects.  


Contract temporary position for a total of 86 hours spread out over the duration of the study from April 2022 to September 2022. Prospective consultants will interview, assist,and review in developing a return to work plan, identify and utilize external and internal resources to support return to work, utilize case management strategies, liaise with the occupational therapist hired for this project, and liaise with cancer survivor’s employer.

To meet the needs of the study, the expected number of intake with cancer patients will be twelve, with an average of two to three one-hour sessions per patient. Hours will bepaid for intake preparation and training in delivering iCanWork.


·                 Completion post-graduate training in Vocational Rehabilitation Counselling, or equivalent level education acceptable to the Program.

·                 Have or eligible to apply for certification in Vocational Rehabilitation, such as or member of the College of Vocational professionals CVRP or Canadian Certified Rehabilitation Counsellor.

·                 Minimum of one (1) year experience in clinical/vocational rehabilitation counselling in an interdisciplinary setting, including experience in individual, programexperience in working with individuals with cancer.

·                 Experience working or knowledge of application of vocational rehabilitation for long term disability providers is an asset.  


Please consider joining our enthusiastic cancer survivor research team and contribute to a successful return to work following cancer.  


Please email cover letter and resume to:



Dr. Christine Maheu | RN Ph.D. | Inf. - Ph.D. | Associate Professor and Acting Director, Ph.D. Program

Professeur agrégée et Directrices, Programme dedoctorat par intérimaire

Ingram School of Nursing | École des sciences infirmières Ingram 

McGill University | Université McGill 

T 514.616-5954| E christine.maheu@mcgill.ca 

Co-Director Cancer and Work

Facebook_@cancerandwork | twitter_@cancerandwork

Nurse Scientist, Research Institute-MUHC 


Reference: Parkinson M, Maheu C. Cancer and Work . Canadian Oncology Nursing Journal /Revue canadienne de soins infirmiers en oncologie. 2019 Sep1;29(4):258–66.


Closing date for applications: June 1st, 2022

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