March 10, 2021

TSA Ad Hoc Committee

Last spring, the Board approved an Ad Hoc Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA) committee which was asked to develop an accepted industry standard for completion of TSA reports. This document would assist members with a guideline to the key points and steps that must be included in a TSA report. The TSA Ad Hoc Committee consisted of: Marg Smith and Renee Daudlin-Iacobelli representing CAVEWAS, Lisa Yassein representing the VRAC Board, Mark McGovern, VRA member, and Terena Delaney, Chair. Warren Comeau served as the CVRP representative and facilitated discussions with the College on our behalf.  

The committee met several times over the summer and the fall to develop and edit this document. The final draft, which included options for definition and methodology, was also sent to representatives from the College for a Peer Review step and final edits were suggested and incorporated.

We are please to advise this product has been approved by the Board and will be distributed to members shortly.

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