VRA Members Can Access Work Wellness Institute Resources - Sign Up Today

As part of your membership with VRA Canada, WWi invites you to take advantage of our membership benefits. VRA members are eligible to participate in educational resources produced by VRA Canada’s partner organization Work Wellness Institute. Work Wellness Institute is a Canadian research centre dedicated to the core vision of conducting and supporting global research and mobilizing knowledge that positively impacts workplace health practices.

Member benefits include:

  • Discounted rates on professional development e-curriculum – 50% for VRA Canada Organization members
  • Unlimited access to webinar courses and live webinars  
  • Certificates of completion to support accreditation for attending live webinars and participating in recorded webinar courses and eCourses


Check-out upcoming schedule of live webinars Upcoming Webinars - Work Wellness Institute
Take advantage of accredited eCourses and webinar courses: WWI (thinkific.com)
***Don’t forget to include your organization’s record ID below at registration to receive your Certificate of Completion.

  1. Your Record ID: 0013h00000Z23niAAB
  2. What it is: Your Record ID will associate you with your organization and is required to receive your Certificate of Completion.
  3. When to use it: To register for eCourses or webinars, please use the above record ID when registering in WWi platforms.
  4. ** Please note: If you have already been benefitting from Work Wellness Institute resources, please follow the detailed instructions attached to ensure you update your profile with a valid record ID.
  5. Coupon Code: vracanada5021
  6. What it is: VRA Canada members receive 50% discount at checkout for any resources that have fees associated with them.
  7. When to use it: During payment for eCourses or webinars for a discount on associated fees.

If you are interested in WWi's content, subscribe here to receive the latest information on upcoming webinars.  

Your participation accelerates WWi's mandate to put research into practice, supporting the creation of safe, healthy, inclusive and productive workplaces.

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VRA Members Can Access Work Wellness Institute Resources - Sign Up Today

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