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What is vocational rehabilitation?

The practice of vocational rehabilitation requires unique multidisciplinary skills, experience, education and training to assist persons with functional, psychological, developmental, cognitive and emotional impairments and health conditions to overcome barriers to accessing, maintaining or returning to employment in the community and/or to quality of life.

VR professionals are a valuable member of a client’s rehabilitation team and work in collaboration with other health professionals such as occupational therapists, clinical counsellors, family physicians, physiotherapists, etc.

What is vra canada?

VR professionals are Canada’s best-regulated, most-qualified experts in vocational rehabilitation

VRA Canada has spent the past 50 years successfully establishing all the components necessary in order for VR to be recognized as a profession within Canada

VRA Canada provides professional designations to qualifying members – these designations indicate expertise and credibility

VRA Canada members are the best of the best in their field

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why should i become a member of VRA canada?

VRA Canada is driven by the Voices of its membership. That is how we have built a state-of-the-art suite of VRA Benefits that meets the specific needs of members. This suite is continually being refined to stay current with what members want and need today. 

VRA Canada…      

Is dedicated to listening to, supporting, educating, and advocating for its members

Provides a professional designations program

Maintains a professional Code of Ethics

Promotes VR professionals with such stakeholders as employers, unions, insurers, students, educators, government bodies, and workers themselves

Works closely with the College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals to streamline CEU approvals

Works closely with VECAP (Vocational Evaluation and Career Assessment Professionals) to secure reciprocal memberships, with all the associated benefits.

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yOur online learning academy

The OLA provides cutting edge, evidence-based, peer-reviewed learning modules, developed by subject matter experts in the field of vocational rehabilitation. The platform allows for accessible, flexible, convenient, online learning opportunities for those who are seeking additional knowledge and skill development in the field of VR. These online courses are garnering international interest and are available to anyone to purchase and download.

Access the Online Learning Academy

To find out more about member and bulk rates, and to purchase OLA modules, click on the link above.

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I have made many lifetime friends through VRA over the years and am grateful that I can continue to contribute to the organization.

Val Lougheed, M.Ed., RSW, CCRC, CVRP (F), CVE, RRP

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I have made many lifetime friends through VRA over the years and am grateful that I can continue to contribute to the organization.

Val Lougheed, M.Ed., RSW, CCRC, CVRP (F), CVE, RRP

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