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VRA Canada has been the voice representing vocational rehabilitation professionals across Canada for 50 years and counting

Since 1970, the Vocational Rehabilitation Association of Canada has represented and advocated for VR professionals from coast to coast. Our members focus on supporting people experiencing vocational challenges to overcome barriers and achieve their personal goals.

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VRA Canada members maintain the highest standards of practice through ongoing education and training. Our association provides unique online learning opportunities for VR professionals, certified continuing education materials and occasions to network with other VR professionals across Canada. Together, we’re sharing best practices and strengthening our profession.

VRA Canada and the multi-disciplinary vocational rehabilitation professionals it represents are committed to supporting, assisting, and advocating for individuals experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, disabling conditions along the continuum of achieving or restoring optimum vocational and life goals. These outcomes are achieved through purposeful and intentional development of strategies and interventions that are informed and directed by education, research, experience and skills, as well as ongoing professional development, unique to the discipline and profession of vocational rehabilitation.

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VRA Canada supports vocational rehabilitation professionals and the advancement of the profession through education, communication, advocacy, and networking.


To lead the vocational rehabilitation profession in supporting persons experiencing vocational challenges to achieve their unique and individual goals.

Our values are the foundation of who we are and how we practice:


Our Code of Ethics ensures that VRA Canada members follow the highest principles as they help you enter or re-enter the world of work.

VRA Canada has developed the Canadian Code of Ethics for Rehabilitation Professionals to guide the ethical practice of our members. This code is rooted in the fundamental spirit of respect and caring.

The ethical principles we follow are:

Respect for the dignity, rights and autonomy of persons

Responsible caring for the best interest of persons

Integrity in professional relationships

Responsibility to society

Download the Full Code of Ethics Here

Board of directors

VRA Canada fellowship award

The VRA Canada Fellowship Award is a distinction reserved for a select group of members whose accomplishments in the field of Vocational Rehabilitation are deemed fitting of this prestigious award.

Nominations are accepted and reviewed by the Board of Directors. Successful nominees and their nominators will be notified upon the decision of the Board. The nominated member will be recognized at the next National Conference and in a formal letter from the President of the Association to all the Association members.

In order to be considered for this award, the member must:

Be a member in good standing.

Be a member in excess of 10 years

Have provided expertise that has dramatically changed the profession and/or the association and is recognized as an expert and contributor within the VR community and the Association.

Have contributed to academic excellence, writings and research.

Have made significant contributions to the evolution of the Association through advocacy, public/government relations, policy, and committee work.

Have demonstrated excellence in their contribution.

This nomination form must also be accompanied by a letter outlining the nominee’s contribution to the Association, the profession and to professionals.

VRA Canada would like to acknowledge the following recipients of the Fellowship Award for their hard work and dedication to VRA Canada.

Ellen Edwards
Gail Kovacs
Dr. Garry Corbett
Dr. Jody Hawley
John Boyd
John Gallant
Judy Alexander
Norman Haw
Rose Magnesun
Roselle Piccininni
Valerie Lougheed
Vincent Miele
Warren Comeau

Apply for the Fellowship Award

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